Ecological Jungle Manu

In South America the Peruvian jungle is what counts and has the greatest biodiversity of flora and fauna in natural paradises as the Manu National Park and the Tambopata Reserve, they account for 80% of the variety of flora and fauna of the world and even a lot of territory to discover and explore.

Manu National Park, paradise to discover. It show us its charms when you navigate the rivers where the inhabiting the world's largest river fish called Paiche that grows to 5 meters long, or when you explore the jungle also can see ancient trees , the animals in its most wild native life, Native tribes that live with nature and much more.

Ecological Jungle Manu Park 6D/5N
Ecological Jungle Manu

The tour to Manu Park is one of the most interesting trips to do because we can see along the way impressive places and full of history as the graves of Nina Marka of the pre Inca period and Paucartambo....

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Ecological Jungle Manu

A fascinating trip to the Manu National Park, is a unique experience where you can discover all the secrets of this amazing place, more than 20 000 species of plants investigated and many more that have not....

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Ecological Jungle Manu

An Unforgettable trip to the Manu natural biospheres which houses a variety of life both in flora and fauna to be an example to have the largest bird species worldwide counting the 1000 and studied and the others....

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Ecological Jungle Manu

Manu National Park is one of the most fascinating places of the natural world that holds many secrets to be discovered in the forests, among the great variety of species counted 159 species of mammals....

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