Rafting Cusco

Win your fear paddling the mighty Apurimac River (4,5,5 +) (God speaker) get carried away by the force of the water and discover how far you can reach, it challenges with us the power of the Urubamba River in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, test your senses and follow your instincts in this adventure that will keep you alert, come overcomes these and other challenges that are waiting for you, all the activities supported by the most experienced River Guides, specializing in rescue and first aid and of course the best safety equipment for this adventure.

rafting cusco sector pachar urubamba river
Rafting Cusco

The Urubamba River is one of the largest in Peru, and has several areas and beautiful scenery for boating, this adventure takes us to the Sector Pachar, a place that is located in the Sacred Valley between....

rafting cusco sector chuquicahuana urubamba river
Rafting Cusco

Chuqicahuana Sector is the section of the Urubamba River located at the southern end of the Cusco city (Cuzco), this stretch is ideal for boating and appreciate the scenic beauty of the area, the rapid fall in....

rafting cusco sector apurimac river
Rafting Cusco

One of the best places to feel the adrenaline your body go, test your senses, defies the mighty Apurimac River (Speaker God) and his deadly rapids, an adventure only for expert rafters....

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