Travel Tips Cusco Perú

Travel Tips Cusco Perú


Do not forget to tell your family or friends the place to visit and the travel itinerary, as well as dates and accommodations where you will stay and excursions to do.

Verify the scope and duration of coverage for your assistance service, if it is not already expired or, hire one before making any travel plans.

Keeps your ID cards and cash on hand and always very safe (passport, identity card, driving license, etc.). If you can bring in a (waist bag or a small bag on the neck.

Make sure your passport does not expire for at least 2 weeks after the return date of your trip.

If you are traveling with children under age, do not forget the documents necessary for them to leave the country, as well as documents proving that traveling with parental consent.

Travel often involves walking, some by surprise with the vehicle or a problem by natural effects; try to always travel with walking shoes.

Try to learn a few phrases and greetings in the language of the place you visit, it helps to socialize and not be deceived.

Many international airports charge a boarding fee or a payment to leave the country, always carry extra cash.

For longer trips there is a very effective recipe for pressure changes, drink a lot of water for at least 2 days before and avoid beverages containing caffeine and salty foods.

If you want a good location and your ticket has not yet assigned the seat, try to get to the airport 3 hours before it usually opens when check-in.

It has happened many times that baggage takes another destination other than their own, to avoid this remove all labels or marks from previous trips.

When you are flying your luggage will be examined by X-rays, which can damage the cameras, try to take it with you or inside a bag with lead shielding.

If you have any health problems or are under medical treatment, do not forget to bring the necessary drugs and know the composition of them should have to buy other on-site visit.

Make sure the hotel where it will stay this close to the sites required to go, such as banks, exchange houses.


At the pre-boarding at airports, request that your luggage is handled as FRAGILE that will make your luggage is located at the top.

A chewing gum or drinking some alcohol on the trip helps the pressure changes.

Be careful to recline your seat, may cause you an accident with a passenger who is behind you, try to warn people before recline your seat.

Be careful and observant when traveling, try to take with you the exact address of your accommodation or a card or a map of the hotel and if ever lost or act that demonstrate this.

Sit in your assigned seat to avoid delaying the flight time, if not comfortable with the seat expected departure time will reveal whether the crew can switch places.

Do not leave valuables in the hotel room, unless you have a security box.

A good way for avoid damaged or lost your luggage is take it with you.

If you make a full day trip or more, be sure to bring a backpack with maps and guide books, water, warm clothes and rain cover.

If using electrical appliances in the hotel, ask for the voltage and cycles supplied by the electrical system, try to get an adapter.

Before making a phone call home from the hotel, ask about the cost of long distance call.

Avoid eating a lot the first day of visit, your body has not yet adapted to the local cuisine.

At airports or bus stations and train many people try to convince him to stay, are often very useful in case of not having a reservation at the hotel as they get a commission take to the hotel, but always carefully.

In most airports and bus stations, tourist offices there, you can go to get information on accommodation, tours and restaurants.

If you take a walk around town, do not display objects that may attract the attention of thieves (money, expensive cell phones, expensive appliances)

Cusco (Cuzco)

The city of Cusco is one of the safest cities of Peru, as the demand for tourism in this city so requires.

The down town is one of the safest places, is where the almost all of businesses and tourism businesses are (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, jewelers, exchange offices, banks and shops where you can buy all kinds accessories for electrical appliances, as well as shops and crafts)

The Cusco city (Cuzco) is located at 3380 meters, the first day in Cusco (Cuzco) should be a day of preparation and acclimatization, drink a lot of water and eat very light food (vegetables) to prevent the pasta and flour, in the altitude the digestion is slower.

The Coca and Muña tea is offered in almost all accommodation, request an infusion of any of these medicinal plants, actually are really good.

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